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Property Transfers – Existing Residential (Erie County)

ECHD Existing Residence Permit Application

Erie County Health Department requires a dye test on all property transfers to ensure the proper working order of the septic system.

If the property passes the dye test, the buyer and seller have nothing to worry about. The sale should not encounter any issues due to this.

If the property fails the dye test, the ECHD may require two perc holes and one bore hole. The above application for a permit is then necessary. The perc/bore holes determine the level of the ground water and soil conditions. This will assist the ECHD in creating specifications for the property. These are the guidelines for the contractor to adhere to, noting critical details about the installation. Once the area is evacuated and the installation completed, the ECHD inspector will visit for an inspection and final approval of the new onsite wastewater system.

ECHD Perc/Bore Hole Requirements


A landowner must hire a design professional (i.e. licensed professional engineer, registered architect, or licensed land surveyor with an exemption certificate) to design the appropriate septic system if a new home in Erie County is to be built. After we have designed the perfect septic system for your home we can do septic installation with no problems. Call the experts at Meyer Septic Services serving Buffalo, NY for the very best in Septic Service! After we are through, we will provide septic maintenance!

ECHD New Construction Permit Application